Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deep Medi...

I've spent much of the day delving into the archives of Mala, DMZ, and Deep Medi Musik. I started digging last week after checking out Mala's interview/lecture for the Red Bull Music Academy. It's amazing what you can do with some Discogs info and a bit of googling.

Out this month on the Deep Medi imprint is Mark Pritchard's Elephant Dub/Heavy As A Stone 12". Heavy As A Stone is stunning, I just had to loop it 3 times in a row to appreciate what's going on in this track. Very essential stuff.

Read what Boomkat have to say on the matter and get your copy here, before it's sold out.

Mala Myspace
DMZ Myspace
Mala Discogs

Oh aye, and the other half of DMZ, Coki, is at The Faversham in Leeds this Friday with Joy Orb and Brackles. Get on down.


YoungHundred said...

I think you just put me on to some music today man!

Watch this video that i entered into the Ryan Leslie Music Production contest and vote for me! Tell me what you think!

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