Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dubbel Dutch Dubstep...

If you were in to holing pigeons, you could declare my posting on Eclectic Hermit sparse, sporadic or scarce to name but a few, this post making only the sixth of the entire year.

However, quality not quantity is the name of my current game and the Dubstep bomb I received in my inbox this morn was sufficiently tasty to oust me from my malingering stupor and coax some words out of my brainbox to accompany said tune.

Turns out Dubbel Dutch isn't a Dubstep producer by trade at all but a purveyor of fine House/Techno/Remix tracks, but he knocked this one up seemingly for a laugh and it turned out mighty fine indeed. All the ingredients are there: voice samples, scattershot drums, wonky basslines and a dark overtone. Here's to DD giving up his day job (techno) and creating more fine tunes in this style.

One to watch.

Dubbel Dutch - Majesty (YSI)