Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Deep Medi...

I've spent much of the day delving into the archives of Mala, DMZ, and Deep Medi Musik. I started digging last week after checking out Mala's interview/lecture for the Red Bull Music Academy. It's amazing what you can do with some Discogs info and a bit of googling.

Out this month on the Deep Medi imprint is Mark Pritchard's Elephant Dub/Heavy As A Stone 12". Heavy As A Stone is stunning, I just had to loop it 3 times in a row to appreciate what's going on in this track. Very essential stuff.

Read what Boomkat have to say on the matter and get your copy here, before it's sold out.

Mala Myspace
DMZ Myspace
Mala Discogs

Oh aye, and the other half of DMZ, Coki, is at The Faversham in Leeds this Friday with Joy Orb and Brackles. Get on down.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Magnetic Man...

If you didn't know, Skream + Benga + Artwork = Magnetic Man.

You might think that the originators and innovators of the dubstep sound would be content to rest on their collective laurels and let a new slew of producers take the mantle, but they are still pushing forward into new territory as The Cyberman EP shows in abundance.

Much attention has been lavished on the title track, but it's Eclipse that captured my attention. What with all the stabbing synths, staccato drums and, of course, a nice bit of wobble, you may need a neck massage after listening. Be warned, this is big.

Magnetic Man - Eclipse (YSI)

Blackdown posted an interview with the guys recently, well worth a read in you're interested in dubstep history.

Buy the EP at Boomkat

Thanks Brain(feeder)!...

Well Hot Damn! That Flying Lotus chap sure knows how to start a record label. His new Brainfeeder roster includes Samiyam, Ras G, The Gaslamp Killer, FLYamSAM, Mono/Poly, Teebs, Dr. Strangeloop, Lorn, Matthewdavid, Ques, Daedelus and many more.

New Daedelus EP/Mini-album 'Righteous Fists of Harmony is out March 22nd.

MP3: Order of the Golden Dawn ft. Laura Darling (YSI)

Below is the new video for 'Fin de Siecle'.

Daedelus "Righteous Fists of Harmony" from DestroyRockMusic Inc. on Vimeo.

If you're anywhere near big London Town on the 10th of March you have to check out the Brainfeeder sessions @ Fabric. How's this for a line-up:

Nosaj Thing
Gaslamp Killer
Flying Lotus
Dorian Concept
Martyn & Kode9

I imagine that will get quite raucous.


Whack my Bonobo...

"Simon Green aka Bonobo returns with one of the key cuts from his forthcoming album, “Black Sands”. Drawing as much on the rhythms of two-step as the lush soundscapes for which he’s best known, “Eyesdown” also features a remarkable vocal from Andreya Triana and enough fuzzed-out sub-bass for a binful of dubsteppers. Classic and contemporary, melancholy and exhilarating all at once, “Eyesdown” sounds like the kind of record Massive Attack could be making if they were starting out now."

Well that's what the PR says, but listening to the track i've no idea how they came up with that Massive Attack reference. Still though, tis a good 'un, and well worth a few clicks of your mouse.

The drums are reminding me of Mujava's Towship Funk too, which is no bad thing.

Listen/Download/Pre-order here.

Hold your Tunng...

My favourite experimental folk band, Tunng, are set to release their new album And Then We Saw Land on March 1st on Full Time Hobby records. From the Tunng site:

"Our new album '..And Then We Saw Land' will be released on March 1st. It's available to pre-order on CD, LP, MP3 download and FLAC lossless audio download, as part of an exclusive bundle which includes a live DVD of the our Twisted Folk collaboration with desert dudes Tinariwen. You can pre-order the album (and DVD) from Full Time Hobby and if you would like to download a taster track right now click here!"

Well go on then! I've just ordered the CD/T-shirt bundle.

Friday, February 12, 2010

George & Caplin get remix'd...

Plastic Sound Supply are a record & art label from Denver, CO, USA, specializing in genre defying experimental electronic music and art.

They're celebrating the release of George & Caplin's 'He Really Got Through to Advertising' remix album with a free MP3, and how could I resist?

This Cacheflow remix from the album is right up my street. The term 'melting pot' may have been coined for just such an occasion, as Cacheflow segues seamlessly from glitchy futurism to dubstep-lite and all the way through to folksy, ambient beats.

Grab it for yourself here (Right-click)

Preview & buy MP3s from the album here