Tuesday, January 05, 2010

You better run fast...

Seeing as my last post about Yeasayer got taken down for copyright infringement, i thought it might be nice to share some music that the artist themselves has already made freely available.

If you are a) into the Swedish reggae scene or b) been keeping up with the european snowboard films this year, you may well have heard of Congo Man Crew. If not, now's the time to get involved. Their Myspace and Facebook pages provide scant biographical information, but the music more than speaks for itself.

Deep roots reggae laden with tasty riddims and vocal hooks is what the crew is about, and you can download their latest EP Run Fast ft. Mysticman right here.

Download: Run Fast EP (Z-Share)


Their music features on Jolly Roger, the latest flick from the Pirates crew.

Check the trailer below.


Anonymous said...

It's all about rapping poetry over these dubs!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Thomas said...

Hi Tom,

I'm curious to know if blogger outright deleted your Yeasayer post, or if they left it as an unpublished draft. Awhile ago they said they were changing their procedures for dealing with take-down notices, where instead of deleting the post, they would de-publish it so the writer could edit and repost...

Either way, your post is saved to my bloglines feed reader, so if you want i can send it to you to cut-and-paste it back.

p.s. the # of people spam advertising in blogger comments seems to be growing. i've been getting them a lot recently too.

Tom said...

Hey Tom

They left it as a draft and recommended that i remove the offending link to copyrighted material before re-publishing the post.

Thanks anyway but I wasn't too bothered about the track, it's readily available elsewhere and i only really threw it up because it was stuck in my head!

Any suggestions on how to prevent spam comments?

Thomas said...

not really, apart from turning comment moderation on, there's not much you can do, b/c they appear to be creating blogger accts. i guess you could report the acct to blogger, but it's probably easier to just delete. i think it works out for them cause a lot of bloggers don't check old comments, so the spam gets to hang around on the post for eternity. i set my acct so i get a notice in my email whenever a comment is posted to my blog, so i delete them as soon as i see them.

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