Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey! I know that song! #1...

The first in what may become an occasional series of posts that deals with well known tracks and the original music they sampled.

In today's case we have the modern classic Aint Got Time To Waste by Aim, which took inspiration from Marc Moulin/Placebo's Humpty Dumpty.

The Marc Moulin version appeared on the playlist at my work last month. It reminded me just how good Mr Turner's work is, and brought memories flooding back of playing Tony Hawks for hours on end in my teenage years.

Marc Moulin/Placebo - Humpty Dumpty (YSI)

Aim - 'Aint Got Time to Waste (YSI)

I believe Cold Water Music was reissued last year with a couple of bonus tracks, but here's a link to the original on Amazon.

Side note: Cold Water Music also features one of my favourite covers of all time (see above).


AD said...

top notchness.

Fat Roland said...

My fave sample moment happened when I was watching a late night Open University programme about the physics of a squeegy mop. To demonstrate the mop's action, the presenter said, in a best BBC voice, "input translation, output rotation". It had been used in 1993 on an Orbital album that I had played three times a day for six months. Hearing it out of the blue gave me the fright of my life. Caught you out, Orbital!

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