Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Angus & Julia Stone...

And he told me, i'd taste the pain
But i taste it everyday

I thought it best to do a bit of research for this post instead of being lazy like i normally am and nicking tunes from everyone elses blogs then impudently posting them as my own findings.

First time i really listened to this band was when their song Sadder Than You got picked randomly from a playlist of new music on my computer. I was trying to concentrate on writing an essay at the time, and it was half-way through the song when i realised i was staring at the screen and drifting away into day-dream mode. I listened through to the end then stuck the whole track on repeat for twenty minutes. The first thing that struck me was how effortless it sounded, the combination of guitar and voice sitting perfectly with the sentiment of the song. Since then it seems that effortlessness could be the buzzword for Angus & Julia Stone. I don't want to go and and gush at how amazing they are but i do think they're pretty damn good and if the following songs don't convince you then i can do no more. Angus's voice is described as like a young Paul Simon and Julia a diluted Bjork, whereas big Johnny Sharp has this to say: “Most impressive though are the songs - simple but blindingly effective acoustic compositions, warm boy-girl harmonies and delicate, less-is-more arrangements." Check it.

From the Chocolate & Cigarettes EP (2006)

Paper Aeroplane

From the Heart Full Of Wine EP (2007)

What You Wanted
I'm Yours
Sadder Than You previously posted here

The band are playing in Glasgow tonight then on the 11th in Norwich and 17th in Brighton. For more details go to their


or you can buy their two EPs combined into one CD from


Lastly, by the power of Youtube...

The host on this Australian show needs to seriously chill out but they manage to get through a slightly strained interview before performing a cool version of Mango Tree right under the Sydney harbour bridge.

Trippy video for I'm Yours, filmed on the recent UK tour in the van and various hotel rooms.

From MSTRKRFT to folk in one fell swoop. Boom!


Mr. Real Talk said...

wow i REALLY like "what you wanted"
i'm gonna check them out


PiecesFalling said...

Wonderful stuff. Love them!