Thursday, May 17, 2007

The New Shit...

The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name

You'd best get on this now before it gets onto the big playlists and hammered into your skull all summer. I've only heard it twice and it's already getting on my nerves.

The Ting Tings hail from Manchester and have only been together for 3 months. Sounding like The Gossip, Metric, Dead Disco and loads of other bands all rolled into one they manage to wear their influences on their sleeve yet distinguish themselves from the crowd with off-the-cuff lyrics and hypno beats.

This would be instantly forgettable if only it weren't so catchy. I like the sentiment though and they got some fair bouncy hooks in there.

That's Not My Name is out on 7" on 25th May.


Kill, da hype, kill kill da hype hype. Enough of that. Messing around with one of the greatest dance tracks ever committed to wax could be a daunting task for some, but the hype boys bring it off with perfect steez. I may even like this more than the original.

I don't accept the friendship of many bands on Myspace, mainly because there is a lot of shite around and also because i don't want to give false hope to the ones who i add and then ignore or slag off behind their virtual back.

However, Personal Space Invaders have this track which i liked enough to post on this site and i became their friend too. They tout their sound as electro/indie/rock and, like Ronseal, they do exactly what they say on the tin.

Favourite bit of the song is the 'stop, to hear what they say' hook. Good stuff. I think the title is right but you can't really tell because the Myspace player cuts it off.

This lad has had some play off of Steve Lurpak on't radio and Papers In Papers is a great tune with a chorus that's been stuck in my head since i heard it. Comparisons to Just Jack would be unfair and lazy... so er so yeah, sounds like Just Jack after some Caffeine & Agro pills.

Could do with a better name for himself though.

Ah, the lighter side of chauvinism. Tall Pony aka Paul and Tony (nice one) come up with some great lines on this track which is gaining a fair bit of cult appeal through plays from Huw Stephens and the particular brand of humor present in said tune.

It's being released on single on 11th June so listen to this shortened version then delete it and buy the single when it comes out.

If your weight exceeds 8 1/2 Stone I will sack you


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squeebo said...

its not my name = immense!