Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Animation stations...

I was sitting in my huge leather armchair watching telly, and thinking how marvellous it would be to be a werewolf

I've had this animation for years (good old Kazaa, remember that?) and only recently found it on youtube. Directed by Tim Hope, it's the story of a man who turns into a werewolf and flys about on his rocket which is 'made from pure carbon and smashes through planets'. Great stuff. The first video is the full version and the second a shortened version made for the release of the PS2. Some people think the ad was directed by David lynch but no, Tim Hope is yer man.

Tenuous musical link - the sound design is great.


Wolfman ad version for the PS2 campaign

Something that is directed by Lynch that's pretty incomprehensible but i like it.

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Aidan said...

Post some real music. Shall i have a crack at recording that mix or wait until we can do it together?