Monday, April 16, 2007

Songs that make you go 'Hmm'...

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The Decemberists - Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect

and here i dreamt i was a soldier
and i marched the streets of Birkenau
and i recall in spring
the perfume that the air would bring
to the indolent town
where the barkers call the moon down
the carnival was ringing loudly now
and just to lay with you
there's nothing that i wouldn't do
save lay my rifle down

Maybe I haven't been looking in the right places, but there's not enough poetry in popular music these days. Well, that's not true but i'm too lazy to list any artists apart from Ray Lamontagne who write really beautiful songs. The Decemberists aren't a new band but they do make amazing songs with rich melodies and intelligent lyrics that you can either whistle along to or get involved with. Fresh.

Carl Orff - O Fortuna

Not much needs to be said about the opening to Carmina Burana, but I have recently been using it to get me out of bed in the morning. I can't see anything working much better, save an electric shock to the face. Rousing, exciting, and menacing in equal measure.

Angus & Julia Stone - Sadder Than You

Oh! The triple. If there's anything diometrically opposed to O Fortuna then it must be this track by Australian brother and sister duo Angus & Julia Stone. Simplicity is your friend here. The guitar part never rises above a slow finger pick that sets the tone like a funeral march, and the subdued vocals carry the sentiment of the song perfectly. If anything, this song makes you want to go to bed and cry. Haha.

LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great

I'm kind of late getting on the LCD bandwagon, but this track not only got me on board, it got me driving the damn thing. My flatmate had the first album but back then I was into different music and didn't pay much attention, even when he said 'Listen to this album it's fucking amazing.' More fool me. Well now i'm posting this track so if you haven't heard or haven't got the new album yet, as your attorney I advise you to do so. Someone Great is one of the standout tracks and it definitely makes me go 'Uhh?' then 'Mmm'.

That's it for now. Warning: next post may contain tunes that will bash your face in.

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aidan said...

Good ish. Very eclectic. What would you like your heading to be like? My pigeon post has garnered many comments by tom - didn't want to add commonly known songs but there is at least another posts worth of pigeon related tunes out there.