Friday, May 25, 2007

Plug in the mains, you make my heart start...

Shakes - Sister Self Doubt

One of the best emerging new talents on the British scene, Shakes are making everyone (well, me) sit up and take notice with their hypnotic beats and electro stylings.

They play the Moor Music Festival on July 20th, so if you live in Yorkshire there is no excuse not to attend. I will be there seeing as it's being held 5 minutes away from my house (finally, some good music near me).

Video for Disneyland Part 1. I posted the track back in April here.

Get Shakes at their Myspace


butter team said...

I declare this track to be fresh.

Aidan said...

Whoop. The moorfest looks like it'll be off the chizzane. So many acts, all on our doorstep. £55, gonna have to raise that cash.