Sunday, May 13, 2007

Do You Know Squarepusher?...

I was lucky enough to get hold of the 3" promo CD entitled Square Window included in pre-orders of Squarepusher's 2004 album Ultravisitor from Warp Records online store.

Wheareas Ultravisitor was truly great in places but probably twice as long as it should have been, Square Window is a succint 20 minute blast of vintage Pusher, and for those not in the know, a perfect introduction to the great man. This is one of those posts where you really love what you're posting and hope that someone else will be as in to it as you. Hey, that's what i'm here for anyway. What i especially love about Square Window is it's total mental and musical breakdown. Each track gets progressively more wilfully obscure, until all that's left is bleeps and blips where once was melody and coherent music. Pick of the bunch is Abacus 2, which skips along and has great layers of sound that build and fade away when the next great melody hits. This is Squarepusher at his experimental best.

Square Window

01 Square Window
02 Abacus 2
03 Venus No.17 (telephone + siren x beats = magic)
04 Itti-Fack
05 Melt 14.6

From Ultravisitor


I couldn't do this post without sticking up at least one track from the LP. Tetra-sync is my favourite piece on the album, mainly because my friend Kes pointed out that you can hear the instrumentation switch from live to programmed and then back again, but also because it's a total stomping epic of a tune. Build and release. Build and release.

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