Monday, May 21, 2007

The Monday Chiller...

After a seriously inauspicious start the Sunday Chiller is moving to Mondays to become... ah you guessed it, the Monday Chiller! (Did the title give it away?). This will probably work out better than a Sunday post because anyone reading this at work on Monday will be in need of some calming tunes to allay fears about the week ahead. Or maybe it should be called The Comedown for all you party heads. Anyway, whatever it's called and whenever it's posted there will always be a great tune at the end of the rainbow.

So Tunng then. If I had a blog two years ago I would have posted this song right there and then, instead of sitting on it until now. Chances are you've never heard of them, so briefly here is the deal: two guys called Sam & Mike, both play guitar, one produces and the other sings. Their sound is basically folk, but with a few glitches and bit of electronica thrown in. They are taking music back to basics, and they make beautiful songs that meander through soundscapes of abandoned towns, forests and information superhighways. That last bit is made-up and nicked from Fight Club. The album that this song comes from was recorded underneath a lingerie shop, and the guys had to go through the changing room to get to the studio. Savage.

You can download extra goodies and find out more about Tunng at

Tunng - Tale From Black

And a little something else, I just got this one off their website today but it's what the Monday Chiller is all about.

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