Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tom Vek! Where aaaarrrre yyyoooouuu?...

Seriously Tom, it's time to bring out some new material. The Blue Nile took 17 years between albums but that doesn't mean you have to try and match their record. I'm sure the new stuff will be good, and if it's not, then you can do a Prodigy and come back in 7 years with a half-arsed sophomore attempt.

Don't know Tom Vek? The guy invented New Rave! Not really, but he was blurring the lines between dance and and indie way before the current sweep of Dindie/Indiance artists.

MP3: Tom Vek - Things Are Here To Stay

To be fair, during his hiatus Tom has managed to appear on The O.C.


Mulrine said...

Wow! I was listening to Tom Vek only last week and wondering the same thing. I agree its been a long while.


Thomas said...

i still listen to that "You Set the Fire in Me" song quite often.

Anonymous said...

I love Tom Vek

We Have Sound is one of my favourite albums

Dan said...

I totally agree. Nice pic by the way. where is that from? I think Tom is working on a side project with a guy from S Rock Levinson..

Tommoyo said...

The pic is of the neon sign he had made specially for his appearance on The O.C.

There's another shot of it on the myspace.

eda said...




Sam said...

It's been two and a bit year's since you posted this article stating he needed a new album about. We are absolutely desperate now! Seriously though, what has happened to him? Has he fallen off the face of the universe?

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