Thursday, October 18, 2007

Everything but the Kitchen Sink... oh, wait...

From Tobinspace:

At the end of November, Ninja Tune is releasing a 4-song remix ep of Amon Tobin's song titled Kitchen Sink from his latest album, Foley Room. The release features remixes from Clark, Noisia, Boxcutter and Sixtoo and will be available on 12" vinyl and in digital download format.

You can listen to the 4 remixes on Amon's Myspace page now. For some reason I haven't got Foley Room yet, which is strange seeing as Supermodified is one of my favourite albums. Maybe I didn't want to risk the new album not living up to my expectations. Whatever the reason, i'm off to buy it now.

Amon Tobin - Kitchen Sink (Clark Remix)

If you like your beats experimental with elements of dubstep, hip hop, mentalism, etc then this is for you.

Buy Foley Room
Buy Supermodified (Hermetically recommended)


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