Monday, October 01, 2007

Pot o' gold!...

Blaow! Pitchfork has all the sweaty details and every man and his/her blog has no doubt posted the news but I had to jump on just to say 'sick but about time'. That's my two cents.

While salivating at the mouth and waiting for the album to mmm drrrrrrrop, check these tasty morsels that may be new to your ear-holes.

Radiohead - Talk Show Host (Black Dog remix)

Radiohead - The Gloaming (DJ Shadow remix)

Sebadohead - Fog (Radiohead cover)

I signed up for a new Fileden account so you can download direct instead of buggering about with multi-click links. Huzzah.

Is it wrong to want to pay 10p for the new album if i'm going to buy the Discbox?

EDIT: Talk Show Host link fixed.


Rockers said...

Don't ya get the download with the disc box anyway?
That's what I understood…

'Talk Show Host' seems to be down


Aidan said...

Argh...not Radiohead. I'll give it a listen anyway.

Mulrine said...

I'm going to see if Santa will bring me the Discbox. Thats if he doesn't have it away for himself.

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