Thursday, October 11, 2007

Having hard times...

This post could be the first in an ongoing discovery of the great songs behind great samples, in this case Ghostface Killah's Buck 50 which digs heavily on Baby Huey's Hard Times sound.

I discover a lot of good music through soundtracks, especially to Snowboard/Ski/Skate movies. This particular one is from Absinthe Films' More, a sick ass snowboard DVD available free with this months White Lines magazine.

The Original then:

Baby Huey - Hard Times

And the no less original:

Ghostface Killah - Buck 50

The original track was written by the funk-master himself, Curtis Mayfield.

The refrain 'Aint no love to be found, having hard times, in this crazy town' is ringing true with me at the moment after a few days in Amsterdam. That city needs to chill.


Aidan said...

What?! 100 posts!yeah!

Risk One said...

This is also the sample used the The Game's "Compton" track produced by Will.I.Am ...a beast for sure

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