Monday, July 16, 2007

Zentertainment '04 yeah?...

When Ninja Tune and Big Dada get together you know it aint gonna be your run o' the mill fare. Only the juiciest cuts will survive, and a selection of these can be found below, coming as they are from a 2004 label sampler that once again I have no idea how I came by.

If you're familiar with either label then you'll know what to expect: chilled out funky beats, abstract hip-hop, samples, lounge-jazz and all round downtempo randomness. I would love to post all 11 tracks from it but that might discourage you from actually buying the thing. The other 5 joints are beauties too though I promise.

Skalpel - 1958

Stabbing beats and horns on show on this uptempo scramble, described as Polish jazz trip-hop by some.

Blockhead - Insomniacs Olympics

Moody + Beats x distorted vocals / rolling with the homies = Insomniacs Olympics. Hooks you in from the first bars and holds court throughout.

cLOUDDEAD - Rifle Eyes (Fileden direct link)

Typically quick and impenetrable lyrics by Dose and Why? and production by Nosdam makes for a left-field hip-hop classic for those that are into it. Ambient noises and beats manage to off-set the fairly serious words on offer.

Jaga Jazzist - Day (Fileden direct link)

Ho! This one rocks my block indeed. Breaks-style electronica designed for August barbecues and driving about in your drop-top (a sunroof will suffice).

Wagon Christ - Saddic Gladdic

Wagon Christ aka Luke Vibert continues his take-over of the underground electronic/ambient/beats world with this total smoothie of a track laid out with a bouncing beat and tweaked out, playful synth loops that bring the summer vibe even though it's likely to be raining where you are (UK).

Infinite Livez - Worcestershire Sauce (Fileden direct link)

I only have this one Infinite Livez track to base all my opinions on so it's a good job the tune in question is a goofy off-the-wall banger in which Mr Livez spits rhymes about Cheese and Onion crisps (aka crips) and laughing cows. Big up the British sense of humour.

Could this be the baddest post on Eclectic Hermit so far? It's a contender.

For Super Extra Turbo Bonus material peep this king-hell of a video for the Coldcut and Hexstatic song Timber. Chainsaw solo anyone? Bong!

This can also be watched with your eyes on the Ninja Tune video retrospective available here, featuring more ermazing promos from the likes of Mr Scruff, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, DJ Vadim and Funky Porcini.

As you can see Fileden seems to be letting me upload again so from now on I shouldn't have to use the dreaded Z-Share. Woop and that.


Aidan said...

Berrrapppp. Got that Infinite Livez album if you want to borrow it?

Tommoyo said...

Yeah def, he seems like a quality talent.