Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Misogynistic Saxophonegrime...

J.M. Davies aka Datassette/Datashat has robots on his mind. An English fellow with a penchant for Businesscore and Chris Morris, he creates tunes with computers under the heavy influence of the C64 SID Chip, so get to know it before the 80s goes out of fashion!

Thanks to Datassette's GenreRator for the post title, now on with the tunes.

Datashat - Young Folks (Peter, Bjorn and John)

This, along with the Kate Bush and Interpol remixes (see last post) is probably all you've heard of Davies' work unless you delved deeper.

Datasette - Breakfast

There aren't enough breakfast-based tunes out there.

Datassette - Science Pipe

For all you Crystal Castles lovers, lovely Nintenbeats.

Datassette - Till Next Time

What is this? Minimal IDM? Glitch-tronica? Cillit-Bang Wrongness? I don't know but it aint half a sweet beat.

Datassette - Making Plans For Nigel (XTC)

Stripped down vocoder beats take this late 70s classic in a new direction.

XTC performing Making Plans For Nigel on Top Of The Pops in 1979:

1) Is that first shot just Youtube jitter or a BBC effect?
2) TOTP is all about the mime.
3) Is the lead singer a robot?

Check this fine slice of Businessfunk, also viewable at the Datassette myspace:

Make sure you go to the official site for many more tunes, Businessfunk mixtapes, Fur-Q's Uzi Lover and other mighty randomness.

What I like about the Data projects is that the angle of approach always seems to be from the side or a sneaky manouver round the back. He manages to keep an air of irreverance and even comedy without losing any musical integrity, whatever that is. I'd urge you to buy his stuff but it seems that most of it's available for free. Three cheers for the Shat.

Next time i'll be looking at advanced French hip-hop. 'Till then, goodbye.


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