Monday, July 02, 2007

The Monday Chiller 8# - Scrotum Ear Lobe

Oh man, what began as a simple Monday Chiller post about one Datasette song has snowballed into a mountain of information and music that i can't possibly tackle in this post alone. Therefore i'll find a replacement track for today and try to get to grips with this can of worms tomorrow.

All i'll say at this point is that Datassette is my new favourite artist, simply because of this description of his track Eggs of Length:

'A short blast of egg-based nonsense'

Well, there are other reasons I like him too but that is one of the best. Anyone not tantalised by this eggy promise should look elsewhere for musical nourishment.

Here's the song then, Scrotum Ear Lobe by Lucky and Easy, from the album I Would Do Anything For A Dairylea. I have no idea where I got it but it's been on my computer for years and I just remember loving the name, the fact that the tune is good is a bonus. There's nothing like some nice downtempo electronica reminiscent of AFX to ease you into the week.

Lucky and Easy - Scrotum Ear Lobe

I've inspired myself to start creating a post of songs with great names like the two mentioned above, but i'll probably forget by the time i've finished this. Got any suggestions?

Oh yeah and this is my 50th post! Thanks to everyone who visits the site, has linked to me, commented and whatnot. Big up especially to Aidan of Certified Banger who inspired me to start. Here's to the century.


Aidan said...

Big up officially accepted...I do have a name though. This post is very hermitish. Did I ever suggest 'The Eclectives' as a name for us...or something along those lines?

Aidan said...
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Aidan said...

Droppin' knowledge on my blog right there!

Aidan said...

Can you check your sitemeter and find out how universal found your blog. They came to mine from the links on your page.

Anonymous said...

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