Thursday, July 19, 2007

Kings of Convenience / Feist...

Feist is deservedly blowing up all around the internet/radio/print world right now, so instead of posting the latest remixes from her album The Reminder i'm going for the guest spots she took on the Kings of Convenience 2004 album Riot On An Empty Street.

I wouldn't own the album were it not for a couple of guys I randomly met while working behind a bar at uni. One of them owned a bookstore and recommended the excellent Confederacy of Dunces, and the other told me about Riot. I'm not usually one for taking up the recommendations of strangers but these guys seemed pretty clued up so I took a chance, and both the album and the book remain two of my favourites.

It comes as no surprise that Feist's tracks are among the best on the LP, especially on The Build Up, her haunting voice coming out of nowhere with a melody that kills me everytime. (I didn't realise how much I was into singer-songwriter/folk music til I started this blog. Gotta get back to the beats!)

Kings of Convenience ft. Feist - Know How

Kings of Convenience ft. Feist - The Build Up

Ah go on then, here's the Chromeo remix of Sealion and a track from Feist's new album. Go Buy.

Feist - Sealion (Chromeo Remix)

Feist - I Feel It All


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Brian said...

I'm loving "The Reminder" but hadn't heard these tracks yet. Thanks!

Tommoyo said...

No worries Brian, thanks for commenting.