Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Summer, what?...

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Three tracks to get your barbecue blasting.

Man Man - Engwish Bwudd

I haven't done much research on Man Man, but i do know that a) they seem mental b) they have made a track that got stuck in my head for three days and c) putting them on the stereo will liven up any situation, even a funeral. If the poor dude in the coffin wasn't 100% dead then he would most likely get up and start singing 'FEEE FIII FOOOO FUUUUM'.

If you want to learn more about them go here.

New Young Pony Club - The Bomb

It seems like the theme of this post should be about songs that burrow into your mind rather than summer, but i've started so why not finish. Currently making waves and other cliches in the UK music scene, NYPC have hooked me in with their synthy beats, melodies and that voice which sounds like a tramp being scraped down with a brillo pad after setting himself on fire with matches too many times. Or does it? Either way, tuuuuune.

Stereo Total - L'amour a 3

Hmm the French are taking over Eclectic Hermit today it seems. Stereo Total have crafted this perfect gem of a song using ingredients straight from the cupboard marked 'Get this on in the summertime or your life will contain considerably less meaning'.

Yes, the song is about having a threesome but if you don't speak French you can forget about that and listen to the awesome melodies instead.

Anyway, a great ending to any summer day, feel the vibes... c'est communiste!


aidan said...

Haha, was looking forward to the next set of postings by your good self. How are times for you?
I like 'Man 'Man', Becs brother knew who it was straight away. As for NYPC, they were on T4 'Sophie Ellis Bextors Mixtape' so they are now officially whack I think, start hating, they've hit the mainstream! The threesome song is a favourite of Beckys (the one Bec lives with so we still think you should get together).

Bec said...

Being bored I'm systematically downloading most of the songs on here. I can't believe you didn't mention all the animal noises on the Stereo Total track... more than just a threesome methinks...!