Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DOOM's got Da Boom...

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For the first hip-hop post on Eclectic Hermit i've picked the man in the mask, MF DOOM. If you don't know much about DOOM i suggest you check out Berkeley Place who just did a great post about him and pales mine into insignificance. However, there are a couple of tracks here that don't feature there, so the two combined will give you all the DOOM you need.

Clutchy Hopkins & MF DOOM - Untitled 01

Clutchy who? No me neither, but this legendary figure continues to put out the sweet beats so who are we to complain. From their untitled collab comes this mysterious track. With private-eye samples and DOOM's never faltering rapid-fire rhymes, there isn't much else to say but enjoy. If the pants fit sport em but rock em low.

Zero 7 - Somersault (Dangermouse remix ft. MF DOOM)

Laid-back, relaxed Zero 7 beats meet laid-back, relaxed lyrics from sir DOOM on this one. Not the most likely collaboration but yer man Dangermouse pulls it out of the bag laced in steez. DOOM often sounds like he's freestyling when he aint, but this track is crafted from the start and comes out smoother than Tom Selleck on holiday(?). Great for summer.

MF DOOM - Yellowdock (Instrumental)

The first 5 seconds of this track sounds like the intro to an early 90s TV show, which is no bad thing but it soon kicks into the meat of the beat with horns-a-plenty and a rolling bassline that carries along nicely for the duration. Perfect for chilling to or perfecting your bedroom freestyles over, i'd like to hear what DOOM could do with it himself. It comes from one of his many Special Herbs mixtapes.

Dabrye ft. MF DOOM - Air

Rough and epic with futuristic synths and agressive rhyming from DOOM, this track bangs on your face from the start.


aidan said...

wewe wewahway, itsa very nice. It's not all doom and gloom! Gonna download those beauties.

Keep your eye out for a speical themed post on my blog later on!

Check out this guy on Becs blog!

aidan said...

the dabyre track is a dead link, dunno why.

Anonymous said...

This is an update for all those following this pseudo-mystery that is
CLUTCHY HOPKINS. I found a couple of videos recently added to One of which contains a Dudley Perkins colab.
Don’t know to much about this masked figure who has access to this unheard
Clutchy beat, which is laced with an extremely raw delivery from Dudley.
Does anyone know anything about this latest track?