Monday, April 23, 2007

M is for Minimix...

Well at least if you're going to be late, make them good. And these two mixes are goooood. I don't feel the need to sell this post to you cos if you like Yoda or the Warriors then... actually, why don't you have them already? To the uninitiated, you can't get fresher than this.

MP3: DJ Yoda - Minimix for Annie Mac 19/05/2005


MP3: Stanton Warriors - Minimix for Annie Mac 18/08/05

Yeah so what? It's old but i can't bear to think of someone not having these. Back on the bleeding edge next post.


Mr. Real Talk said...

thanks man always appreciate a good link lol. still lookin' around your blog but some wicked stuff so far.

gonna link you too cool?

stay fresh

Aidan said...

Reet, obviously i'm not gonna diss you now...
I haven't got the Stanton Warriors one, thanks man!
I see were getting a little blog reading community going here. Comments are the way forward.