Thursday, April 12, 2007

Albums of 2006 - Various Production...

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"See you later, I'd hate to see you soon"

Dubstep meets Folk. If that thought puts you off then don't bother with this post, it'll only scare you. Sounds good? Then read on.

The thing is though, that description is far too simplistic for the type of tunes that Various throw out. Grime rythms, haunting, melancholic folk-like vocals, beguiling melodies and a rough edge that takes you to dark places while telling you that 'Everything's going to be OK'.

While it's taken Portishead 8 years to come up with a follow-up to their self-titled second album, Various have snuck in there and produced some of the most vital 7" and 12" records of recent times and still nobody really knows who they are. Media-shy almost to the point of arrogance, this collective, led by two producers with a smorgasboard of vocalists in tow, are not to be slept on. Their debut album 'The World Is Gone' is at times beautiful, menacing, driving and at all times, wholly indispensable. Buy.

Various - Deadman
Various - Hater
Various - Sir

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aidan said...

Tis nice, I like. Yeah loving these tracks. Played one of them when I was at Becs and her bro knew it right away. Seriuosly, he listens to everything and remembers how it sounds and who it's by. Check out my new post, no mp3s on this though. There is a Joni M track up now.