Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pyrelli freestyle...

My boy at Certified Banger posted a nice review of Pyrelli's debut album here a couple of weeks ago, and I just came across this little nugget on youtube of Sincere and Pyrelli freestyling on Tim Westwood's 1xtra show. Companion piece, or blatant idea biting? Answers on a postcard.

Buy Pyrelli's Vitamin A - A Twist Of Fate


Aidan said...

ha ha nice one, companion piece i say.

Pyrelli can spit fire, fast fire, very fast fire. It's insane!

Is Sincere flicking little flies away from him?

Westwood's logo is a ripoff of MTV, quality!

Yopu coming round to mine for freestyle frenzy tonight with mc juice?!

KDOT said...

‘check out Pyrelli’s new material at http://www.kdot.co.uk/?page_id=260’

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