Monday, November 19, 2007

The Monday Chiller #25 - Burial...

I can't say much about Burial without descending into hyperbole, but couldn't possibly not post a track from his new album Untrue.

As much as the Detroit Escalator Co's Black Buildings evokes images of the city, it's living and breathing core exposed through samples and caring construction, Untrue does the same for urban Britain. Black Buildings wasn't short of dreams, but where it sometimes lacked in substance, Untrue comes through with a plethora of new ideas and creates soundscapes to scenes you can hardly imagine. Listening to it brought up so many memories of travel, images of darkened streets and midnight driving, that i've been walking around in a daze since hearing it.

Burial's second LP is definitely one of the top 5 albums released this year. And yes, I have thought about what other records have been released so no, this is not a kneejerk reaction. Untrue really is that good.

To get a good idea of the themes and ideas behind Burial and the album (as much as is possible for an artist shrouded in mystery), check this Guardian article.

Burial - Untrue (YSI)

Buy Untrue


Aidan said...

and tom has listened to 20 of 200 albums out of the top 1000 albums to listen to by the guardian so you must beleive this albums status as top 5 of this year.

This music leaves me feeling like something is going to happen...last night in the car with the eeire bright mon and the vacuous skies and the empty roads...very out of this world.

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