Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Put on, put down, come on, come down, bring down...

Beatsmithery. I like that word regardless of whether it’s officially a word or not. What we have here is some fine beatsmithery from Swedish artist/DJ/producer Staffan Ulmert aka Mojib, who is set to release his debut album proper ‘Whimsical Lifestyle’ on Canada’s Non-Existent Recordings on October 16th.

With beats reminiscent of Shadow’s best stuff, Mojib’s influences can clearly be heard in his work, but he manages to avoid falling into the category of ‘If I wanted to hear something sounding like Unkle then I would just listen to Unkle’ and also brings new shit to the table. Sampling film soundtracks such as Donnie Darko (My Love), Sigur Ros (Break Of Dawn), and remixing Kings Of Convenience and The Go! Team, his music never gets dull. The album looks like it could be a great soundtrack to the coming autumn.

Mojib – My Love

Mojib – Swamp Monster

Mojib – Break Of Dawn

Mojib – Learn the Put Down

The Go! Team – Grip Like a Vice (Mojib remix)

There is plenty to make and do on Mojib’s website: Along with snippets of the new album you can download his web-only LP ‘The Class of ‘00’, loads of remixes including a cracking Ian Brown rework, an Unkle megamix mashup and a great Avalanches mix.

All in all Mojib is a welcome addition to the experimental/beats/downtempo genre and sits happily alongside peers Unkle, DJ Shadow, RJD2, Four Tet et al. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes to outshine those dudes in years to come, seems like they’ve fallen off a bit lately. The outsider? No ta.

Pre-order Whimsical lifestyle here.


Aidan said...

I would downlaod this if you hadn't have put it on my computer last night. It would just be silly if i did.

Aidan said...

sweet biffery

Anonymous said...

check out his new radiohead mix!!!

Anonymous said...

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