Thursday, August 16, 2007


I saw Daft Punk's Electroma for the first time last night and well... it amazed me. Forget about the lack of dialogue and/or Daft Punk songs, because once you've witnessed 70-odd minutes of stunning cinematography, beautiful soundscapes, and the ambience of the piece has seeped into your very being, it won't matter. Just don't expect anything even faintly resembling "normal".

Bringing to mind the oppresively wide shots of Kubrick and the creeping unease of Lynch, the Punksters continue their journey of creative experimentation and push themselves into wholly new realms of audio/visual entertainment (Thomas Bangalter read over 200 back-issues of American Cinematography in preparation for the shoot).

The film tells a straightforward story, of two robots on their quest to become human. There are moments of comedy and poignancy throughout, and a couple of times i found myself drifting off into thoughts about the deeper meaning of the story and snapped back to the robots still doing what they were doing ten minutes ago. Action-packed it aint, interesting it is, depending on what floats your boat.

The soundtrack is awesome and isn't officially available, but in a great piece of timing Motel De Moka have put the whole thing up for your downloading enjoyment. My picks are the Curtis Mayfield track (pure steez) and Jackson C. Frank's haunting ballad.

If you have drugs, take them now.

I think Electroma is being released in the next month or two, so keep an eye out for it. If you've seen it, drop me a comment saying what your reaction was.


Lee said...


Thanks for the advice the other day. I must say i'm enjoying becoming part of blogland. Cheers for the link.

Interesting you mention the Fink track in one of your posts. It's amazing how much music comes our way through adverts. The last two Mastercard ones have been excellent, Fink, and before that Findlay Brown's 'come home', both of which have left me absoutely spellbound. There are a few others, 'Hyped Up Plus Tax' by Dabrye and the Dallas Guild's 'Men In White Coats' spring to mind, and obviously the NYPC's 'Ice Cream'.

Bloodshed In The Woodshed.

Tommoyo said...

No worries man,

What advert was NYPC on? The ad men do pick some amazing tracks, but for every Dallas Guild there's a Caesars to balance it out.

Findlay Brown has great tunes, especially the Wizard's Sleeve remix of 'Losing the will to survive'.

butter team blog said...

cant wait to see this movie, interstella was amazing

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