Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Here's an Example just a little sample...

Aidan requested some hip-hop for summer so I thought i'd get on the Example bandwagon and stick these tunes up. Snow Day posted one of the tracks off his We Didn't Invent The Remix mixtape a while back and I liked it but didn't delve any deeper. Then I saw the lad on BBC 2's Culture Show and thought 'Yeah, good stuff. This boy could be on to something.' He's got a tight flow and some comedy lyrics, as well as dropping some knowledge about Chernobyl on this documentary made whilst making the video to What We Made.

Example - Who Needs Sunshine?

Example - You Can't Rap

Example - Toxic Breath

Video for Who Needs Sunshine? - Example randomly decides to parody the cult Monkey series in this video which was all filmed in one day in London and contains scenes of comedy townie-bashing.

The single I Don't Want To is released June 11th on The Beats record label.

Example also has a string of dates around the country this summer (as well as some gigs) including The Beats Tour featuring el Skinner and Mitchell Bros, kicking off on July 24th in Inverness, Scotland. Hopefully i'll make it to the Edinburgh date on the 27th. See you there.


Aidan said...

Yer, lovin' the Hip Hop and Example is a fine example of UK Hip Hop - the fun kind.

Mr. Real Talk said...

'Yeah, good stuff. This boy could be on to something.'

Yep he is on to something. Good cd eh? Diamond Day is THE tune man!