Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dancing monkeys...

So the debate rages. Is it dance? Indie? Post-rave industrialised pop with a bleeding heart and a shank in its pocket? Don't ask me. Alls I know is it's good music. Well no, it is dance. All you Chemical Brothers fans (no thanks) will be dissapointed with the album's lack of crossover appeal but anyone who likes a good old mashup party will be dribbling with excitement about the veritable buffet of tunes on offer.

With all the attention Simian Mobile Disco have been getting from the bloggers I was a bit worried that there wouldn't be much fresh stuff on the album. Not to worry though, the ex-simian team of James and James throw up plenty (good) new tracks alongside the likes of future classic Hustler and the SMD alternative to Justice's D.A.N.C.E., It's The Beat.

Plenty of thumping bass sets the tone on opener Sleep Deprivation, maybe an odd choice for the first track but it definitely sets the Simian stall out early - this is heavy stuff, better get some good speakers. Other standout tracks include I Believe, a premium hands-in-the-air banger that is gonna be a favourite on the festival circuit this summer. Continuing the hippy vibe from this weeks Monday Chiller, Love is a twanging bass mission that spells (s.p.e.l.l.s.) out that really, love is all you need. Aww. Maybe SMD haven't quite left their indie roots behind completely. A special mention goes out the speaks, squelches and squawks that infest this record. Thankfully i'm a big fan of synth madness, otherwise it could get annoying.

All in all I really like this album and I think the boyos have done a good job in treading the thin line of classification that sees other groups relegated into pigeonholes like new-rave. (Damn, so nearly got through without mentioning it).

The tracks here do a good job of getting across what the album is like, and hopefully haven't already been posted to death.

SMD - Tits & Acid
SMD - Hotdog

SMD - Love
SMD - I Got This Down

Attack Decay Sustain Release was released yesterday, so why haven't you got it already?

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