Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mysterons will lively you up...

'More fun than a weekend in Penzance' NME

'I cried salty Grandma tears when this mix ended' Vice magazine

'Mysterons are to music what Captain Scarlet was to the Watergate scandal' Word magazine

The above quotes are entirely fictitious but hell, that's what they'd all be saying if they'd heard of Mysterons. Probably.

Also known as Tim Southorn and Oliver Quinlan, Mysterons have been experimenting with sound and modifying equipment since their days in the 6th-form. They list influences such as Dangermouse, Royksopp, Aphex Twin, The Specials, The Pharcyde and Stevie Wonder, and with such eclectic taste how could their own tunes be anything but?

Firstly check out this mixtape, recently featured in DJ magazine and available to download for free from the Mysterons site:

Mysterons mixtape (27 mins)

Just one look at the tracklisting and you knows it's gonna be hot:

Intro/ Commodores- Captain Quickdraw
Bugz in the attic- Consequences
Break machine- Break Dance Party
Gary Numan- M.E. / Ray Charles- I got a woman
Benny Golson- The new Killer Joe rap
Quantic Soul Orchestra- Hold it down
mysterons- Don't phunk with my CPU
Spektrum- Kinda New / The Dave
Collin's Band- Ride your Pony
Luke Vibert- YoSePH
The Method- Fat Hair
Jean Jaques Perry- E.V.A. (Fatboy Slim mix)
Royksopp- So Easy
2 Live Crew- Can a nigga get a table dance? / Kraftwerk- It's more fun to compute
Uffie- Ready to Uff
Ram Jam- Black Betty
K.C. & the Sunshine Band- Sound your funky horn

Ripped casually from the myspace and listened to animatedly:

Mysterons - Moving Coils (Highly Recommended)

Mysterons - That's The Way (Highly Recommended)

Mysterons - Black As Mourning (Why kid ourselves, you know it's Highly Recommended)

As yet they remain unsigned, go be their friend on Mice Space and tell them you want to buy their records.

Mysterons myspace
Official website

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Thomas said...

"If you like this, give a holler by clicking on the comment button below."

Holler. Never heard of these guys before. "Black As Mourning" is the shit. Thanks! :D

Aidan said...

Yo! Good post, very funny! Welcome to the chosen few/many.

Anonymous said...

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