Sunday, March 25, 2007

I fought the war...

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Although this blog was begun as an attempt to share the songs that I like with the wider world, it has evolved into something that staves off the boredom and frustration that comes with being unemployed (as well as finding awesome tunes). Watching Neighbours in the afternoon can only be a novelty for so long. After this post i'm going to roll off and attempt to write about why the BBC should take me on for work experience and why in the hell i would want to work for them. Res ipsa loquitur.

I first heard of Metric a couple of years ago on a rollerblade DVD entitled Killerboots with their killer track Dead Disco. Since then i have kept an eye on their progression, and last years single Monster Hospital seemed to take them further down the road of critical and commercial success. The sulky voice of lead singer Emily Haines combined with their slick beats and melodies have been multiplied by the MSTRKRFT team and turned into a monster jam that starts off slyly enough but when the beat kicks in around 00.57 you know that any dancefloor is getting filled mighty quick.

Metric - Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix)

Yyyuuuurrrggghhh. That's the noise i make while listening to this MSTRKRFT track from a rarities & remixes album (fast work for a group formed less than two years ago). With a ridiculous stomach-turning bassline and all-the-right synths in all-the-right places, it makes me want to vomit pure BEATS. A strangely intense tune, i recommend playing it on a proper stereo and turning on the lasers.


There is a sound used in this song by The Blow that is mighty similar to someone letting off a squeaky fart. I love the track for that noise alone, nevermind the hypnotic rythms, handclaps, crazy female vocal and total genre unclassifiableness that comes along with it. Their myspace site describes the sound as Tropical/R&B/Jam Band, but Pile of Gold aint nothing like it. I like artists that confuse me with their sound, and The Blow certainly do this. In short, download it and decide for yourself. Then go buy something by them.

The Blow - Pile of Gold


aidan said...

Oooh I will download tomorrow to see if I approve of your eclecticism. Meanwhile, check out my blog, actually, don't until tomorrow unless you want to read the enticing verbals before you can actually download. Are we just doing these blogs for each other? I think so, the world is missing out fo sho.

Sam Hickson said...

I like this blog