Saturday, April 21, 2007

Does it offend you, Yeah?

Riding the wave of youthful interest in the matters of the world, The Guardian is blazing a trail into the (limited?) future of print journalism. Their music writers are excited about Ratatat remixes of big rap tunes and downloading them from blogs is like five years worth of Christmases to them (and me). Their five to listen to this week includes the new Kidz in the hall set 'School was my hustle'; the staff and readership of Hip Hop Connection will be nodding in agreement at this recommendation. The cover of the Observer magazine for tomorrow is covered by a naked Dizzee Rascal who is harbouring the cheesiest grin in hip hop. All this is great, get that music out there, but are the writers penning articles about the music of the younger generation that are aimed at people slightly outside of that category? You decide.

MP3: Does it offend you, Yeah? - Battle Royale

Here, tipped off by the guardian in their article about the rise in interesting band names are Does it offend you, Yeah?. These 'three blokes with various computers and old synths' provide us with a wicked bit of electro type badness here. With dirty synths galore and insanely lovely blips and computerised solos this track breaks down, builds up, adds and takes away in all the right places. This track is eclectic in itself, it will take you through many stages of robotic and euphoric dancing that you may wish to do in the privacy of your own home.

MP3: Glass Candy - Rolling down the hills

On a slightly different tip are the laid back grooves of Glass Candy with 'Rolling down the hills'. You need to put this on at your desk, close your eyes and let yourself be transported to a summery place, in the late afternoon after an amazing day with someone you love. The slow, soothing strings are reminiscent of the avalanches, the funky guitars and horns gently remind you of why the summer is beautiful and the softly sung vocal washes over every inch of your face leaving you feeling refreshed.

I hope you enjoyed my debut on Eclectic Hermit, hit me up over at Certified Banger and show me some love.
Much love to Palms out and Gorilla vs. Bear for these audio files.

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